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Direct Access

BIKE-IT has cumulatively more DAS experience in the Glasgow area than any other Motorcycle Rider Training school. The majority of our instructors were amongst the first qualified in DAS Training.

What is DAS?

Direct Access training gives those who are eligible access to riding larger motorcycles without restriction immediately after passing their practical test. To check if you are eligible see our Quick Guide.

CBT must always be taken before beginning a DAS training course and in the interest of safety your initial training will be in our compound. This is to enable the instructor to assess your skill and to ensure you are ready to handle the open road safely. You will normally progress to the larger bike once you are familiar, and have some experience on the 125cc bike. This will depend on how you progress and your safety will be our consideration for this.

The DAS course can be taken in a variety of ways depending upon your experience and circumstances. The courses we offer are detailed in the list BIKE-IT Prices and further information can be obtained by contacting us.

You can practice for your DAS practical test on any size motorcycle that exceeds the learner specification and your test must be taken on a machine of at least 46.6bhp. When training you must be accompanied at all times by an instructor and take all the usual safety precautions. This includes wearing reflective clothing and radio headsets to keep you in contact with the instructor. If you want to practice on your own machine this will require an instructor to collect you, ask for information about this service.

DAS training is tailored to suit an individuals needs. It is best to come and talk to one of our instructors about what course of action would be best to suit you.

Direct access is not suitable for everyone and we reserve the right to restrict to training on a 125cc bike where safety becomes a concern. Full terms and conditions apply.